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Brandon Anschultz

Brandon Anschultz was born in Judsonia, Arkansas and currently lives and works in St. Louis, Missouri.  His most recent solo exhibitions were Stick Around for Joy at Laumeier Sculpture Park (St. Louis) and Longue Vue House and Gardens (New Orleans), and an eponymous exhibition at Carrie Secrist Gallery (Chicago).  He has additionally had recent exhibitions at Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Philadelphia), Front Desk Apparatus (New York), White Flag Projects (St. Louis), Boots Contemporary Artspace (St. Louis), and Monte Vista Projects (Los Angeles).  Anschultz received his BFA from Louisiana Tech University and his MFA from Washington University in St. Louis 

Persona is permeable.

Gabriel Blackwell

Gabriel Blackwell's work has appeared in ConjunctionsDIAGRAMPuerto del SolThe Literary Review, American Book Review, and Uncanny Valley. He is the reviews editor for The Collagist and curates the One Note series at Smalldoggies. Visit him at

Persona is afferent and efferent to first person narrative; consciousness, alien.

Kate Brandt

Kate Brandt has shown nationally in New York, Philadelphia, Milwaukee and throughout Massachusetts. She has performed for various artists at venues such as the Judson Memorial Church in New York City and at the NEXT exhibition in Chicago. To view work and find contact information, visit her website:

Persona is you and me.

J.A. Gaye

J.A. Gaye earned a Bachelors Degree in English from Southeast Missouri State University in 2000. He currently works as a preschool and elementary physical and special education teacher and lives in Benton, MO with Alfred, his Siberian Husky. Read his forthcoming poetry inDIAGRAM.

Persona is; matter was.

Bill Gillim

Bill Gillim lives in New York City and records and performs as Megafortress.  He is a co-creator and curator of Diamond Mouth Surprise, a monthly night of writing music film pictures talking chanting dancing melding loving communing living.

Persona is the you/me reflected in the screen eyes of me/you.

Teseleanu George

Teseleanu George is a Romanian collage artist, influenced by surrealism and dadaism If you want to find out more about him, visit

Persona is another manifestation of the real you.

Jeremy Allan Hawkins

Jeremy Allan Hawkins was born in Staten Island, New York. He has poetry recently appearing or forthcoming in Tin House, Salamander, Hayden's Ferry Review, and PANK. He currently lives in France.

Persona is a servant that most people lash until it begins to resemble themselves.

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos Hernandez is a writer and educator living la vida típica in Queens, New York. He's published poetry, drama, and more than a score of short stories. Pick up a copy of Abecedarium, the novel he co-wrote with Davis Schneiderman, at your local Internet.

Persona is the only way we have of tolerating each other.

Alec Hershman

Alec Hershman lives in St. Louis where he teaches at Florissant Valley College and at the Center for Humanities at Washington University in St. Louis. Other poems can be found in upcoming issues of CutBank, Phoebe, Lake Effect, Transom, and Washington Square.

Persona's the divide before the conquer, the horse without the cart.

Amelia Colette Jones

Amelia Colette Jones grew up in north Texas, but moved to the Midwest for a visual art MFA at Washington University in St. Louis and decided to stay. She is the co-founder of Sloup, a monthly soup dinner that funds local artists’ grants.

Persona is the thought to be

Steven Karl

Steven Karl is the author of the chapbooks, emissions/ of (H_NGM_N, 2011), (Ir)Rational Animals (Flying Guillotine Press, 2010) and State(s) of Flux with Joseph Lappie (Peptic Robot Press, 2009).  In one way or another, he is involved with Sink ReviewColdfront MagazineBorough Writing Workshops, and Stain of Poetry. He sometimes blogs at

Persona is to each & I an other so that an other can be I & I which is not necessarily I but each an each with merits each their own & sometimes an other.

Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin
                           Sketch by Alison Bechdel

Sophia Kraemer-Dahlin lives in Oakland. One of her poems about food is to appear in Meatpaper 15.

Persona is __________________.

Chris Malcomb's work has appeared in over a dozen publications, including NarrativeSan Francisco Chronicle MagazineThe First LineSwitchback, and KQED's Perspectives series. His essay, "Broken Lines," about teaching fiction at San Quentin State Prison, was selected as a finalist for the 2006 Bechtel Prize and published in Teachers & Writers. He currently teaches Mindfulness & Creative Writing workshops in Berkeley, California.

Persona is the impediment to connection.

Chelsea McKelvey

Chelsea McKelvey's writing and collaboration both seek a place between contemporary and experimental, with a focus upon the physical experiences of life. She has a self-published book of her work entitled Fleet of Minds, and her work has also appeared in In Stereo Pressla fovea, and Stillpoint. She currently lives in London with her husband, Seth, and attends Kings College London.

Persona is passionate for the correct.

Seth McKelvey

Seth McKelvey recently graduated summa cum laude with Highest Honors with degrees in English and journalism from the University of Georgia.  His work has appeared recently in In Stereo PressCricket Online ReviewLa Fovea, Dear Sir, and BlazeVOX.  He currently lives in London with his wife.

Persona is pilfering and projecting.

Megan McShea

Megan McShea lives in Baltimore. Her writing has appeared in the i.e. reader (Narrow House Press), Topograph (Novello Press), and the Shattered Wig Review (Shattered Wig Press).

persona is a careful, quiet binge.

Joe Milazzo

Joe Milazzo's writing has appeared in Electronic Book Review, the anthology Chronometry, Antennae Drunken Boat, Everyday Genius, Black Clock, and elsewhere. He is co-editor of [out of nothing] and founder of Imipolex Press. Joe lives and works in Dallas, Texas, and his virtual location is

Persona is put in charge when sometimes identified by various means of skin and resonance.

Ben Nardolilli

Ben Nardolilli is a twenty five year old writer currently living in Arlington, Virginia. His has appeared in Perigee Magazine, Red Fez, One Ghana One Voice, Quail Bell Magazine, Elimae, Heroin Love Songs, Grey Sparrow Journal, A Hudson View, Contemporary American Voices, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Gloom Cupboard, and Beltway Poetry Quarterly. In addition, he maintains a blog at and is looking to publish his first novel.

Persona is personal.

Brian Oliu

Brian Oliu is originally from New Jersey and currently lives in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Work has been published in Ninth Letter, New Ohio Review, Sonora Review, DIAGRAM, Brevity, and elsewhere.  His book of Tuscaloosa Craigslist Missed Connections, So You Know It's Me, was released by Tiny Hardcore Press in June 2011.

Persona is never aware of itself until it is too late.

Adam Peterson

Adam Peterson is the co-editor of The Cupboard, a quarterly prose chapbook series. His series of short-shorts, My Untimely Death, is available from Subito Press, and his fiction has recently appeared or is forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly ReviewCincinnati ReviewThe Southern Review, and elsewhere. 

PersonA is now my DJing name.

Nicholas Ripatrazone

Nicholas Ripatrazone is the author of Oblations (Gold Wake Press 2011), a book of prose poems. His writing has appeared in Esquire, The Kenyon Review, West Branch, The Mississippi Review, and Beloit Fiction Journal. He lives with his wife in northern New Jersey.

Persona is difficult, although we build and refine and redefine our own every second of our lives.

J.A. Tyler

J.A. Tyler is the author of A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed (Fugue State Press); his work has appeared in DIAGRAM, Black Warrior Review, Fourteen Hills, and others. For more, visit:

Persona is uncovering by disguise.

Kerri Webster

Kerri Webster's most recent poems can be read in At Length, Boston Review, and on The Poetry Society of America website.

Persona is a screen door.

Kellie Wells

Kellie Wells is the author of Compression Scars and Skin. She teaches in the writing programs at the University of Alabama and Pacific University.

Persona is a film that made me feel vague, vitamin deficient. 

Angela Veronica Wong

Angela Veronica Wong is the author of the forthcoming chapbook 25 little red poems (dancing girl press) as well as two previous chapbooks, All the Little Red Girls (Flying Guillotine Press), and to know this (Cy Gist Press). Visit her at

Persona is reflection and refraction, the ownership pronouns of reality and perception, a collaborative effort of definition, and feels something like cracking an egg open.

Joseph P. Wood

Joseph P. Wood is the author of two books of poetry--Fold of the Map (Salmon, forthcomcing) and I & We--plus five chapbooks. He teaches at The University of Alabama and new poems can be found in Boston Review, RealPoetik, Verse, Transom, Catch-Up, among others. His website is

Persona < a person. The best persona poems get to the lyrical heart--no rhetorical distance, no scaffolding, no irony. Say it line 1.